64 Sided Tetrahedron Laser Etched Slate Coaster

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64 Sided Tetrahedron Etched Slate Coaster - Square

This 4 inch slate coaster is impeccably engraved with the 64 Sided Tetrahedron design. The coaster has four small felt pads on the bottom, so it will sit flat and not damage your tables. 

The 64 Sided Tetrahedron is the structure of empty space, the void. It is the fundamental organizational structure of all reality, over which matter and organisms are created within the similar, but feminine geometry of the Flower of Life. 

IMPORTANT - Slate is a form of stone and can be washed, but should be treated with care. It is possible to fracture and break off pieces of the edges of the stone so be careful when washing! You would not be happy to find stones in your sink disposal. 

We ship all orders from California, where they are produced. At LaserTrees, we create items as they are ordered, so please allow us a one-week lead time to create and ship your order.