Magician's Amulet by Grokko

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 Magician's Amulet by Grokko

Magician's Amulet design by Grokko


6mm Garnet

6mm Sunstone

6mm Citrine

6mm Peridot

6mm Aquamarine

6mm Tanzanite

6mm Amethyst

6mm Ethiopian Opal

This talisman has a full set of chakra stones, and a center Opal to reference back to all of the colors in one. 

The power of the number seven is all around us!

7 major planets
7 Natural Laws as outlined in the Kybalion
7 Days in our week
7 colors in the spectrum combined to make white light
7 major chakras
A circle can fit 6 equal size circles around itself for a total of 7
7 days of Creation
the 6 directions of space emanating from a Center(7)
the 7 capital sins and their 7 opposing virtues
7 notes to a musical scale
For the true magicians out there! 

Pictured in Cherry hardwood.

You can choose between our hand-finished Maple, Cherry, Walnut or African Padauk hardwoods, cut to about ¼” thick and naturally colored without any stains or dyes. You may also choose to inlay a high quality gemstone cabochon into the design! Each art pendant includes a free waxed cotton cord tied into an adjustable slip knot.

  • Read about the cultural meanings of the woods we use here.
  • Read about the intentions behind our gemstones here.
  • Customize the back of your pendant by adding this listing to your cart!

We do all of our woodwork and laser cutting in house, taking pride in our ability to create to the highest quality. We choose to use a natural mineral oil and sealant to show off the grain of the wood, rather than using stains or dyes. All orders ship from California, where they are produced. At LaserTrees, we create items as they are ordered, so please allow us a 1-2 week lead time to create and ship your order. If you have a need-by date to meet, or any questions to ask, please either make a note on your order during checkout, or feel free to email us at