Dolphin Mandala Hardwood 30mm Gemstone Mermaid Pendant

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Cherry Hardwood with Blue Sea Sediment Jasper


A circle of dolphins chasing each other, for those that invite the Mermaid and Ocean vibes into their life. Measures about 2 inches. Designed by Marc Krell.

You can choose between our hand-finished Cherry, Walnut or African Padauk hardwoods, each about ¼” thick and naturally colored without any stains or dyes. You may also choose which cabochon to inlay into frame of the design! Each high-quality art pendant includes a free waxed cotton cord tied into an adjustable slip knot. 

You may choose your wood type with a certain intention behind it if you'd like:

  • The Cherry tree (golden brown wood) symbolizes strong expression, rebirth, new awakenings and compassion.
  • The Walnut tree (chocolate brown wood) symbolizes clarity and focus, gathering of energy and beginning new projects.
  • The African Padauk (lustrous orange-red wood) symbolizes power and strength, drawing from the element of fire, and is used for vitality and control yet with a constantly shifting energy…
  • Popular gemstone options that bring about the feeling of water are Abalone, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Sea Sediment Jasper, Mother of Pearl, Fancy Ocean Jasper, Fossilized Coral and Red Paua Shell.
  • You can learn more about the intention behind our gemstone options here

All of our hand-finished products are fully produced and shipped from California, where each is created made-to-order. Please allow us a 1-2 week lead time to create and ship your order. Most will ship in one. If you have a need-by date to meet, or any questions to ask, please either make a note on your order during checkout, or feel free to email us at