The name Grokko comes from a word found in the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein: Grok.  The word GROK---which in the book literally means ‘to drink’--- is used figuratively to describe a state of oneness between the observer and the observed. To grok something is to be one with it. So “Grokko” can be understood as “One Who Groks”. This name was chosen to represent my art because that state of oneness, that interplay between our consciousness and the field of existence within and without, is the very basis of Magic and reality and as such I felt it to be a fitting name for this endeavor.

This art is made as an act of service with the intention of Reminding Us, for we are a species with amnesia and I hope to plant seeds of Awakening in anyone who see it. This effort helps me learn more about myself as well so it’s a Win Win lol.  I try to keep the symbology both vague and simple to encourage the viewer to make their own realizations about the feelings and thoughts that come up while looking at the art. There is a Magical Mystery to these designs, yet within that mystery is an inexplicable remembrance. Do you feel it?

Much Love to all the Intrepid Travelers. May your journeys be filled with wonder and awe. May your visions be clear. May your cups runneth over