Hex Grid LED Wall Art

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LaserTrees Hex Grid LED Wall Art

This fine art piece with programmed LEDs is designed and produced by Shawn Kessler.

Each cell is isolated with a single high quality LED pixel, and the piece is mapped in 3d so that the most interesting and complex visual patterns can be used to their full potential. This piece is sound reactive! 

Made from layers of hardwood plywood and opaque and translucent acrylic. It measures 23" tall and about 2.5" thick. The LEDs are powered by 5v wall power. The cord length is about 3' from the plug to the controller box and the length of the cord from the controller to the art piece can be made as requested. The patterns are controlled by WiFi in a browser page and can be edited, changed, and customized to your liking. It also has a physical button on the controller to easily cycle through patterns. 

We ship all orders from California, where they are produced. At LaserTrees, we create items as they are ordered. Creation of this art piece takes between 4 to 6 weeks due to the complexity. Shipping methods and times are TBD, message us if you have a need-by date or any questions.