Organic Spiral Vortex Design - Laser Engraved Agate

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Organic Spiral Vortex Design - Laser Engraved Agate

Organic Spiral Vortex design by Shawn Kessler

*Please note that at unless specified, the engraving may overlap the sides of the agate. Agates can come in round, oval, arrow or pear shapes and we often place the design artistically for optimal effect.

This design is laser engraved into a Brazilian agate. When we laser engrave the design, the surface of the stone is chemically changed. It "crazes" the surface, making the polished shine grow microscopic opaque white hairs.

Each agate slice that we engrave is variable in color, shape and size. When purchasing this listing, you are purchasing a custom engraved item that we will create for you after purchase. We stock our agate supply with wonderful pieces and hand select the stone for the engraving, to make sure it is the best one that we can possibly make. If you are concerned about color, shape or orientation, just contact us for a custom order!

At LaserTrees, we create items as they are ordered, so please allow us a one-week lead time to create and ship your order. If you have a need-by date, don't hesitate to contact us. All orders ship from California, where they are produced.