Root Chakra Crystal Grid - Birch Plywood - Choose your size!

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Root Chakra Crystal Grid - Birch Plywood - Choose your size!

Root Chakra Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is used as a geometric arrangement upon which to place crystals for specific intention. Using your intention by combining specific stones, or using quartz points around a specific stone enhances the effect of those crystals in your meditation, protection or manifestation work. Sacred Geometry designs can help assist the placement and they do a great job of holding intention as well! These are great for altar spaces and decoration. 

This Chakra design was made by LaserTrees artist Shawn Kessler. His chakra designs are interpretations of Sacred Geometry combined with esoteric knowledge of chakra flower petals, matching nervous system nerve pairs, and associated vertebrae. Combined with our amazing laser techniques and wood working methods, these grids are works of art, energetic tools and meditative yantras of the highest order. 

Choose your size! Made from 1/4" thick, hand finished Red Birch plywood. Every piece of wood varies, so each piece has it’s own unique grain and color. Enjoy the natural beauty and uniqueness of natural materials.

Add Quartz points if you wish, they are randomly chosen from our high quality stock and range from .5" to 2". If you choose multiple, they may be sent as half smaller and half larger. We hand select for a sensible grid arrangement.

LaserTrees makes quality, hand-finished wooden art and jewelry, that we like to call 'wearable art!' We specialize in making wood look beautiful and then combining our art, rooted mostly in sacred geometry, with our skills in taming the beast that is our laser machine. We take care to prepare and finish each piece of wood to a natural finish (no stain!) using natural, food grade mineral oil and vitamin E and an acrylic sealant. This finishing process brings out the beauty of the natural color and grain of the wood without using stain. We then use that wood as our canvas for almost anything we can think of. We have pioneered laser cutting techniques that allow us to cut and engrave almost anything made out of a flat piece of wood. We are proud of our ability to make every product to the highest quality that we can and guarantee you will love them.

We ship all orders from California, where they are produced. At LaserTrees, we create items as they are ordered, so please allow us a one-week lead time to create and ship your order.